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Paphos – near Paphos Mall

Limassol – next to the Germasogeia police station

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     Our company «EOS Tour» was founded in 2012 by professionals of the Cyprus tourism industry. Later, our team welcomed new partners, and together we began to develop a successful business, which has achieved significant results over the years. From the start, we have rendered our service to more than 65 thousand tourists, the majority of them has become our regular customers.

     Today the company has come to be ranked among the top 5 leading travel agencies in Paphos. With our headquarters in Paphos, we also have an office in Limassol, planning to open representative offices in other cities of Cyprus.

     At present, we are actively receiving tourists and sending our customers abroad (including tour packages from Cyprus to a number of countries). The major markets we are cooperating with are Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Russia.

     Our reliable partners will be ready to cater to your requests, such as renting cars and yachts, arranging diving, fishing, jeep safaris and more. Our priority is comfort, convenience, friendliness, as well as reasonable prices for our customers.

     We take great pride in our tailor-made tours. The programs are developed by our staff, we go along every route with the aim to improve it and make it perfect, taking careful note of your needs. It is time-consuming and thorough work to ensure that your stay in Cyprus will be truly unforgettable.

     Particular attention is paid to people with disabilities. We also try to “smooth out” the differences in the mentality and perception of our tourists, fortunately, years of our experience and the sunny island’s opportunities allow us to successfully cope with this difficult task.

     We love Cyprus and know everything about life and holidays in Cyprus! And we will always find the ways to please both first-time visitors and those who are already familiar with our island.

Our Philosophy

Our company EOS TOURS LTD got its name after the Dawn Goddess Eos. She was the Goddess of the third generation of the Olympic gods. Her parents were Titan Hyperion and Titaness Theia.

  The marriage of the Goddess Eos and Titan Astraeem brought to birth all night stars and the winds: Boreas (the cold north wind), the foggy Notus (the south wind), Zephyrus (blowing from the West) which brings rains and the heat, and the turbulent Eurus (the east wind).

  The goddess EOS would first bring the daylight to Mount Olympus, then to the Gods, and only after that, the light was brought to people. Presumably, the Goddess lived in the lands of Ethiopia. She used to come to Heaven through a silver gate on a chariot, harnessed by a pair of white horses. The horses bore the names: Lampos and Phaeton. The Goddess walked ahead of the Sun and painted the sky pink. Do you remember the state of nature at dawn, the transition from night today? This is the most mystical and cold time, with that special ringing silence hanging in the air, not a single breeze, blowing cool … And suddenly everything changes! The dew is falling, the sky is brightening and turning pink, the birds begin to twitter … Everything is illuminated with dim light, the world is waking up – the Dawn has come!

  The Goddess Eos prepares the appearance of the Sun. She possesses the amazing quality – to nourish everything around her – Earth, birds, animals, plants and people … But the Goddess herself is never exhausted !!!
  Our EOS TOURS LTD team is doing its best to bring joy, knowledge and creation and we will never get exhausted in our work.