Mexican pyramids

Are You Ready to Start Traveling?

Three Questions to Ask Yourself By Wally De La Rosa June 25, 2021 — Although it’s been a while since we were last able to brandish our passports at the airport or take out our nice luggage for a spin, increased vaccinations and a slowly-rebuilding economy is putting travel points, destinations, and hacks back on...
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Explore Cyprus – The Hidden Spots

For those who are already tired of lying on the beach, and are eager to learn and see something new, here come a few tips on some amazing and wonderful locations. By the way, these sights are off the beaten...
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Authentic Products and the Famous Meze

Sunny Mediterranean Cyprus is a great place for tasty food lovers. The local cuisine has been influenced by the culinary traditions of Greece, Turkey, Great Britain and other countries, which resulted in the original cuisine boasting delicious and healthy dishes...
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Unique silver jewelry

What to bring from Cyprus?

What to bring from Cyprus for yourself and your loved ones? Our small but very sunny and friendly island is ready to share its warmth of pleasant memories with you for a long time even after you have returned home. So, how can Cyprus please you when the vacation is over? To help you, we...
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Telephone and Internet in Cyprus

Cyprus. How to keep in touch with your homeland For Russian tourists, for whom paying for mobile communication in roaming might become a burdensome waste of money, it is better to use services of local mobile operators during holidays or a business trip. You can buy SIM cards immediately upon arrival at the airport in...
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