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These are the most popular tours in Cyprus

The highlights of such guided coach tours are as follows: They provide a very good value for your money. These are comprehensive tours undertaken by a coach or a bus. They include free pickup from the hotel and then drop off at the end of the tour. These tours are typically accompanied by a local drive. They allow you to step back in times and take you on a tour of history.

Similar coaches offer transfers between the airports and are the most comprehensive choice for local sightseeing with a lot of coach-based excursions made available. They have something to match everyone’s interests. All the way from taking a swim in some of the most amazing waters in the Mediterranean, breath taking archaeological places to the nature of beauty of the Troodos Mountains.

You will find the very top quality of excursions to the shore from the Larnaca port, Limassol port of from/to your hotel, all based on your personal demands. The coach trips in Cyprus will offer you a memorable experience and also an opportunity for exploring the Cyprus island the life and culture of the people of Cyprus. It is also important to note the coach trips do not cover the cost of meals or shopping.

The tickets can be purchased from the tour operators, most of them have websites.

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You can purchase tickets on the bus as well based on the availability of the seats. The costs vary depending on how many spots the coach will take you too and the prices can vary anywhere from 25 euros all the way up to 50 euros or a bit more. Most of these are day trips, so stock up on water and anything you may need during the day. So, go ahead and take a coach trip in Cyprus to collect some memories when you are there.

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