VIP Service

All for luxury vacation in Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful place to visit during your vacation. It’s for every season, either summer, winter, autumn or spring. From sandy beaches to snowy mountains, Cyprus as a lot to offer.

For all those guests who require more luxury into their trip, there are certainly quite many VIP services all lined up for you, whether you want to rent a limousine, a yacht, driver or a personal guide, there is something for everybody during your visit at Cyprus.

Rent Yachts in Cyprus

Rent Yachts in Cyprus Looking to explore Cyprus more than they do in public fleet, well there are plenty of services which provides VIP Yachts for hire. The Yachts you’ll find will be used for various occasions such as yacht weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, birthdays, parties or simply touring with friend and families. The customer can select from various types of fleet such as VIP cruise, sailing yacht, and power boats.  

Rent Limousines in Cyprus

Rent Limousines in Cyprus There are plenty of limousine services available in Cyprus for your VIP eccentric tours. Not only you’ll get a fancy first class Limousine but also a driver will be accompanying you anywhere you want to do. During your limo excursions, you will be offering various options such as Airport pickup, anniversary and party in a limo, limo for a corporate event, limo for weddings or for any general occasion whatsoever. We make sure you get the best limousine experience of the lifetime during your stay in Cyprus.

VIP restaurant in Cyprus

VIP restaurant in Cyprus There is absolutely no shortage of VIP restaurant in Cyprus. Anywhere you are, there would be a restaurant as extravagant as you desire. Not just local, but you’ll find international, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, western and Arabic cuisine throughout these restaurants. With a fancy table to pick, completely private accommodation and enjoying great food is all about the real pleasure of eating in Cyprus.

Meeting VIP guest at the Airport in Cyprus

Services for meeting VIP guest at the Airport in Cyprus The service what you are looking for is called airport assistance service. The service main objective is to provide hassle-free, and professional pick and drop service either causally or during emergencies. If you are traveling alone, with family or want to pick a colleague from your office, the Airport assistance service will definitely get into motion, with an exclusive driver, a VIP car and on time, so that you don’t have to get into an unnecessary fix. Hire a personal guide in Cyprus You may want to go into the deeps of Cyprus where the public guide doesn’t cover it completely.

Personal Guide in Cyprus

So the best option you can get for yourself is to hire a personal guide in Cyprus. You will have your own guide that can help you navigate the places that even not available in Google map, recommend you best street food, and will work as your translator so that you won’t get lost into the jungle. Hire a personal driver in Cyprus If you own a car, but not a driver, that can be done. Even with driver is a possibility in Cyprus. We understand the customer are always right and to provide them best VIP service, it’s important to be ready for any and every possibility of providing our clients with the best time of their lives.

VIP accommodations in Cyprus

VIP accommodations in Cyprus 5-star hotels are spread all around Cyprus which will provide all the luxury and style you desire. Accommodation like nonother, Cyprus has everything a tourist ever need it. A driver waiting for you outside with a personal guide taking to at the pier for a trip on your rented yacht is truly something to be looking forward into.